FreshGrow contains a large numberof trace elements including Mn, B, Mo, Fe, and Zn
* Double the quantities for glasshouse cultivation
FRESH GROW Organic Fertilizers
The excellent shape of the pellets means that the FRESH GROW  Organic Fertilizer supplied by  JIT AGRO HOLDINGS can easily be applied to the soil with the aid of a fertilizer spreader. Of course the fertilizer can also be applied  with the aid of a sowing machine or by hand. Organic Fertilizers can be stored in dry, well-ventilated areas for longer periods.
Dry matter	                        88% min. Humidity	                        12% min. Organic matter	               65% Nitrogen (organic)	               3,5% Nitrogen (total)	               4,2% Phosphate	                        3,0% Potassium	                         2,8% Calcium	                         9,0% Magnesium	                        1,0% Iron	                                    1200 mg/kg Manganese	                        480 mg/kg Zinc	                                  420 mg/kg  Copper	                   110 mg/kg Boron	                            45 mg/kg Molybdenum	                   11 mg/kg Cobalt                          	2 mg/kg Sodium	                  0,5 % max. Chlorine	                  0,5 % max. C/N	                              9 pH (10 % solution)	         6,4 EC (1 gr/l)	                  0,005 mg/cm Pellet diameter	         5-6 mm Density	                  700 kg/m³
Composition Average
Recommended Quantities per Hectare
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 Tomatoes	                        1000-1500kg*		                        Asparagus 	            1500-2000kg Cucumbers	                        1000-1500kg*		                        Potatoes 	                      750-1250kg Peppers 	                        1000-1500kg*		                        Lawns/sports fields	   1000-1500kg Aubergines 	                        1000-1500kg*		                        Flowers 	                      2000-3000kg Melons 	                        1250-1500kg*		                        Fruit trees	             2-5kg per tree Strawberries 	               2000-3000kg*		                       Grapes 	                       300-500gr/per vine